Thursday, November 26, 2009

The relationship between diabetes and depression

In the early stages of the disease in most cases, the agency will provide notes subtle signs that something was wrong with her. One of the first signs of diabetes is an ongoing feeling tired and indifferent. You may want to just too tired, and the tasks that previously had no problem.

But even if you see your doctor because you suspect something is wrong, it can still be a shock to your doctor that you suffer from diabetes must be said. You can go through a phase of denial and a stage of anger, but eventually you on the recognition that you have diabetes.

Besides the many physical symptoms, has diabetes and a number of possible emotional reactions. Many people watching is a serious disease must pass through one or more temporary depression. But with diabetes, it appears that an additional connection to physical and psychological depression.
And all these years, researchers have documented a strong link between diabetes and depression.

There have been many studies of peer group to show that diabetes increases the risk of depression diagnosed by 100 percent to see. Even if one considers the psychological pressure to learn that diabetes is one of a small amount of depression, 100 percent, the account are many.

No studies exactly why there should be to establish a link between diabetes and depression, but there are theories that can give us a clue.

Such a theory is, that suffer from depression are simply more likely to develop diabetes. According to this theory, there are some common metabolic disposal of the body of people suffering from depression, where the vice president at risk of diabetes around. But it can also be the direct cause of the food. A depressed person, especially a non-medication for depression, do not care for themselves properly. He tends to eat very bad food, especially carbohydrate loading garbage, to increase blood sugar. A depressed person is also less overall exercise. Together, these two factors can lead to obesity, which in turn can lead to Him, type 2 diabetes.

A second theory is that diabetes is a spark. Studies have shown that diabetes causes blood sugar level of blood in the body away. Researchers from depression also know that depression is directly in the area are weak and irregular monitoring of blood glucose in the box. Given this context, it is not surprising that many people with diabetes may also suffer from depression.

It is important to remember that there are effective treatments for diabetes and depression. Many doctors say that treating depressed patients with psychotherapy and / or drugs, their blood glucose levels are also improved. Although not yet proven, it is probably true that the successful treatment of patients with diabetes, while helping the depression.

I hope the notion that depression is a possible side effect of diabetes diabetes help to better understand why they feel and how to encourage them to seek help for depression, as well as possible.


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