Sunday, November 29, 2009

Smoking cigars and risks to your health

We all know now how it is dangerous to smoke cigarettes, but few know what the impact of smoking a cigar A cigar is more or less dangerous than cigarettes? The person who smokes cigars on a regular basis is dangerous to health. Studies have shown that cigars can cause lung cancer, oral cavity, larynx and esophagus. Recent studies show that pancreatic cancer and in some cases caused by smoking cigars. Diseases of the heart and lungs at an increased risk of events, if you like cigars from smoke inhalation.
Increasing the cigarette smoke on a regular basis and usually take the smoke, the risk of many health problems. The cigar a day increases the risk of cancer of the oral cavity with eight times compared to a non-smoker. If you smoke cigars only in special cases, but still do not know if related to a significant risk. But it is documented the results of regular smoking and known to all.
Another thing people ask, how addictive are cigars compared to cigarettes. Many people are curious to know why people who smoke cigars are less likely than those addicted to smoking cigarettes. Because all tobacco products have nicotine in them, can all form of abuse. You can, for example, tobacco chewing, and you can just as easily as the addiction of cigarettes because it contains nicotine. In the case of cigars, the truth is that many users are not used to take the smoke deeply, that they are less likely to be canceled. In the case of cigarettes, the effect is to absorb smokers inhaling smoke, making it faster. But even if you inhale cigars, superficially, there is always a good chance they want more.
You may be wondering why cigar smokers are not more frequently when there is so addictive. First, take the people nicotine when they smoke cigars surface, bearing less of the nicotine in the body. Secondly, you can not find it easy to find cigars like cigarettes. In most cases, are taken as an element of luxury, and smoked in special cases. But if people regularly smoke cigars, it is sure to be addictive. No matter what form of tobacco. The nicotine in there, it is addictive. Smoking causes serious health problems long term.


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