Thursday, November 26, 2009

read in Detail. what is Swine Flu?

Russia closed its borders to imports of pork Travel warning to Europe against the United States and Canada issued a travel warning for Canadians planning to visit Mexico. The fear of an epidemic or pandemic is widespread, although the disease I have seen so far, is one of the newspapers of the world. All this is enough to make you pull the blanket over his head and back to sleep!

What is this?
Swine influenza is a disease of the respiratory system and is a type of influenza A H1N1 in particular, where X stands for hemagglutinin and neuraminidase N means. This kind of bird commonly found in pigs, hence the name.

How can people from the Avian pigs?
The human and animal strains of influenza can move back and forth to another through close and direct contact. If a person contracts a flu strain previously only in animals is to transfer the virus to facilitate the transfer to others.

When did it start?
The flu of one kind or another, including the swine flu has been for centuries. This particular strain has been reported for the first time in Mexico, southern California and Texas.

Can I Get it?
Yes you can. This pressure is contagious, spread from person to person by coughing or sneezing, just like the common cold. You also get a touch of a virus on it and then touching the mouth or nose. Here, as colds.

How many people are affected?
By 1:00 pm EST 27 April 2009, when the United States, California 7, Kansas 2, New York 28 Ohio 1, Texas 2nd in Canada, there are four confirmed cases in New Scotland and two British Columbia. Mexico has more than 100 people dead and parts of the country, particularly in Mexico City should put an end to public gatherings, everything from the closure of churches, schools at nightclubs.

What are the symptoms?
The symptoms of swine fever is very similar to other types of seasonal flu. You can with fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, chills and fatigue. It also reported vomiting and diarrhea in people with flu-affected pigs.
If you become ill and the above symptoms, consult your doctor. Do not go to work. Stay at home and instead optimize your Internet dating profile. Limited contact with other people keep spreading the infection.

How can I protect myself and around me?
There are some simple everyday things you can protect yourself and those around you from infectious diseases, not only the swine flu. These include: covering your mouth and nose, sneezing, if you use a tissue. Put your used tissue away immediately.
Wash your hands with soap and warm water immediately after sneezing or coughing. Alcohol-based operation and cleaning.
Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

Can I get the flu from the consumption of pork;
No, not you. Virus of swine influenza is not transmitted through food.

Can you recommend additional resources?
The Center for Disease Control is a great source, as is the website of Health Canada.

The hype surrounding this latest outbreak has reached epic. The current environmental monitoring, 24 / 7 global news allows us to experience victory by Susan Boyle, and the fear of millions of mediation on another Black Death . There is no doubt that the swine flu, including bird flu and other birds may be devastating. The concern with this strain of influenza centers on three points: 1) the variety of animals showed 2) There have been several outbreaks of the community, three different communities in Mexico, Federal District of Mexico, San Luis Potosi, Mexico and America, Mexicali, near the U.S. border, 3) the range of age groups affected.

Health organizations like the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) in a precarious situation. If you distribute, warnings, and variety in the world will defamation. If warnings, and no further deaths would be accused of scaremongering. In other words, if it is doomed and damned if they do.

So before you decide to lock your doors, and Hunker down by blowing up, which followed in 2005, just over 1,800 people died of influenza in the United States in 2007, 1505 cases of malaria in the United States. In both cases, there were headlines worldwide threat of pandemic influenza and malaria.


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