Thursday, November 26, 2009

A latest information's and study on the swine flu

Scientists from the United States showed that genes located in the exhaust pigs from different genes found in the latest strains of influenza pandemic. Jonathan Allen and Tom Slezak of the National Laboratory Lawrence Livermore, America, acknowledges that most genetic markers of the severity of influenza infection, which is characterized by the recent outbreaks, there are samples of swine flu virus found.

The researchers published their analysis on 34 indicators of conserved amino acids by strains of pandemic influenza in the last two weeks. Sequences will be considered by the new virus revealed that only about half of the 34 indicators are present. Slezak, said: The lack of similarity does not necessarily mean that the current H1N1 virus will not be a big problem, but suggested that many of the features that have made earlier outbreaks were fatal.

Even though their work seems to represent the current virus can not be as bad as feared, the researchers admit that more research is needed before definitive conclusions drawn.The researchers their findings in the journal BMC Microbiology is required.


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