Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Complications of Diabetes

Controlling diabetes is a real thing. Prevention of complications. Studies have shown that when glucose levels in blood remain high, the supply of negative outcomes associated with diabetes. Advanced results or damage from diabetes can be controlled or prevented if major efforts are needed to keep glucose in the region.
Let's look at some of the complications of diabetes, the risk for all diabetics. Especially for those who do not make a strong commitment to nutrition, exercise, monitoring and control of treatment.

Heart Disease: Only man is the fight against diabetes with the heart of pest problems. However, the risk is higher when diabetes is part of the agent. Uncontrolled diabetes can be directly associated with heart-related problems such as heart attack and stroke. In fact, the ADA says that 66% of people with diabetes die of a heart attack or stroke, the outcome. Thats huge slice of fortune for people with diabetes.

Kidney Disease - Nephropathy: The kidney is the removal of the body. They keep the blood supply clean, filtered polutant.
If the levels of blood sugar stays high, the kidneys are taxed. After they charge for a longer period causing major damage. The result is that it requires dialysis or transplantation.

Eye Damage - Retinopathy: The eyes play an important role in everyday life. However, eye problems and blindness caused by diabetes. Diabetes is more likely to develop eye complications. However, many studies have shown that more clicks on the control of glucose in the ability to significantly reduce the problems for diabetics.

Amputations: Amputation may be a problem, especially in the legs and feet for diabetics. One problem with diabetes or blood sugar can affect blood circulation.
When blood flow is much greater chance of infection is changed now. If an infection is spreading in the body that must be stopped, will happen.

Diabetes can cause a variety of other problems, if warranted unreported and neglected. These are some of the major consequences faced by diabetics to inadequate care.

Our desire is to scare anyone, but simply the facts. However, if these fears that the treatment of diabetes more attention then that is a good thing. Complications of diabetes can be controlled or even eliminated if proper care of diabetes is available. That's the advantage of all diabetics about diabetes.


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