Monday, November 30, 2009

Few deceptions about smoking

Is smoking tobacco from ages. Over the last century, was very quick. There was a time in the form of water pipes. When cigarette market, smoked very soon. There were many reasons for this.

Because it is a habit that is in a hangar.
Illusion of cigarettes is much more convenient for water pipes and other forms of smoking are influenced by the human adult.
Failure of smoking to relax.

Custom addicted to cigarette companies assured of regular sales. In fact, what can be sustained, the costs for marketing and advertising was a good performance. Aggressive marketing to perpetuate misconceptions and illusions. As governments, taxes, and exports have increased, in their opinion, not all restrictions on the industry.

The damage caused by smoking and its side effects, has time to gather. When it became known, the industry has refused to stop smoking and drug use. Later, when studies are conducted and the results showed that the damage caused by smoking, the industry and put the results into question. A concerted effort to create confusion, began and continued for many years.

The fact that tobacco was responsible for the increased incidence of lung cancer will eventually be recognized and the industry could not refuse. Finally, some court cases require the industry to pay damages to pave the way printed warnings on cigarette packets.

This has many decades. Not reduce demand for tobacco products. Stop smoking. Someone who is not disappointed that he is to blame.


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