Monday, November 30, 2009

Stop Smoking for Healthy life

Studies show that only 45% of those trying to quit smoking successfully, but has only 5% of them successfully. In a first step is to eliminate the dependence of aid from the organic cigarette with controlled consumption of nicotine on the medication, patches, nicotine gum or hypnosis sessions.

Abrupt cessation of nicotine may continue, depending on the degree of dependence during the first 24 hours of depressed mood, insomnia, irritability, frustration, anxiety, poor concentration, lower heart rate and increased appetite. If these symptoms are local medical conditions, it is necessary to have recommended changes in medication.

If you stop smoking, you (the changes in relational not face), a break with the people or the same items, food, entertainment, organize your activities in your life. Rehabilitation is a complex psycho-therapeutic program includes support for incentives and accountability continued improvement of the symptoms of nicotine dependence have been produced, but also psychological and emotional dependence combined.

It is known that if you smoke, you must have a deep personal commitment, especially since you have an engine capacity that is often used to stop, to remove enlarged and enhanced with organic addiction. There is less talk about the psychological causes of addiction. In nicotine dependence treatment is psychotherapy to support the replacement therapy.

Smoking can be supported by an unconscious tendency to self-aggression, covert depression, fixation early in the hearing or may be the signal, the socio-emotional dependency. To prevent relapse, to determine the cause and removal is necessary, and this implies the use of psychotherapy as a supplement. With hypnosis, you have 10 times more likely to quit smoking.

Now start living your life do not smoke and your body will thank you!

Your choices are endless, if an agreement and share what you want with the conscious with the unconscious motivation. Listen to this hypnosis session, and your brain will simply forget to smoke. We lose the habit, and I just quit. It's really a non-smoker, someone who does not believe that they had never smoked.

Note that each year there are thousands of smokers to give up this bad habit.

You may wonder how the other is a success, although it is impossible for you. Discover what they did, and just quit! Additionally, you can finally quit smoking!

With hypnosis and smoking can be done in the past. Do not hesitate! Every second of delay, your lungs and your whole body suffered!

However, you must be very careful when you stop smoking, regardless of the method used, do not replace smoking with another unhealthy habit. For example, if there is a man who had quit smoking successfully, but became addicted to crisps. This means that they were able to eliminate the idea of dependence of the subconscious.


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