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Tips for Naturally Reduce your Blood Pressure

High Claret Pressure: Claret is by itself beneath burden as the affection armament it about the circulation, with top claret burden the burden is aloft the accustomed limits. There may be no affection with top claret burden at aboriginal but over time can access accident of disorders such as stroke, affection ache and branch failure. Top claret burden cannot be convalescent but it can be bargain and controlled, generally a change in diet and affairs may be all that is all-important to abate top claret pressure. Currently 50 actor Americans accept top claret pressure, about 20% of the population.

Factors of Top Claret Pressure: There are no accessible causes for top claret pressure, about factors that can access the accident of top claret burden are.

* Sedentary Affairs - Increases accident of cardiovascular ache (60% of Americans do not get abundant exercise).

* Genetic Factors – There are gene variants associated with added accident of top claret pressure.

* Family history - Having a ancestor or abutting about with top claret burden increases your risk.

* Ethnicity - top claret burden tends to affect African Americans with greater frequency.

* Obesity - Being ample increases accident of affection disease, top claret pressure, and stroke.

* Booze - Drinking boundless amounts of booze can access your accident of top claret pressure. (More than 1

drink per day for women and 2 per day for men).

* Smoking - A above agency for developing top claret burden and cardiovascular disease.

* Top alkali diet – This can Access claret burden

* Age – The accident of top claret burden increases with age, men tend to advance amid the ages of 35 and 55, and women afterwards menopause

Naturally Abate Claret Burden with Pycnogenol:

Study 1: Researchers including Dr. David Fitzpatrick of the University of South Florida and Dr. Lester Packer of the University of California, Berkley accept conducted analysis on pycnogenol and nitric oxide, and how it by itself optimizes the levels of nitric oxide assembly in the claret argosy to facilitate claret breeze and abate claret pressure. It by itself helps the physique aftermath able levels of nitric oxide for all-important functions, and can aswell abate the levels of nitric oxide area it does harm. Pycnogenol has a balmy hypotensive or claret pressure-lowering aftereffect that helps anticipate or abate top claret burden naturally. (Fitzpatrick et al., 1998)

Study 2: Dr Miklos and his colleagues at the Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University in Szeged, Hungry and Dr. Peter Rohdewald of the University of Muenster, Germany In their abstraction appear in 1996 in the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Letters, declared the hypotensive or claret pressure-lowering aftereffect of pycnogenol as “moderate�. Pycnogenol by itself helps the affection by blocking some activity of the angio-tensin I converting agitator (ACE) in causing top claret pressure. People with lower or accustomed claret burden will not be afflicted and those with top claret burden and too abundant ACE will account

Naturally Abate Claret Burden with Grape Berry Extract: Scientist for the University of California, Davis did a 4 anniversary abstraction on 24 patients. One accumulation was accustomed a placebo treatment, a additional accumulation was accustomed 150mg of grape berry extract, and a third accumulation was accustomed 300mg of grape berry extract. At the end of the four anniversary abstraction claret burden was bargain in all patients demography the grape berry extract, claret burden did not change in the placebo group. On boilerplate Systolic claret burden alone 12 points, and the diastolic alone 8 points. Both doses were appropriately able in by itself abbreviation the claret pressure. (American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, Atlanta, March 26-30, 2006)

Reduce ancillary furnishings of antihypertensive medications:

Study 1: A abstraction appear in a 2006 affair of the Journal of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis shows that pycnogenol can by itself abate edema by 36 percent, a accepted ancillary aftereffect of top claret burden medications. The after-effects of the abstraction appearance pycnogenol by itself improves circulation, this avoids claret pooling and can abate edema.

Study 2: In 2004 Dr. X. Liu accepted that pycnogenol by itself bigger the endothelial action of top claret burden patients and accustomed those on antihypertensive drugs to abate their dosage. (Life Science, 2004)

Best Source of Pycnogenol and Grape Berry Extract: A accustomed supplement Isotonix OPC-3 (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) is an isotonic-capable aliment supplement that is fabricated from a aggregate of bilberry, grape berry extract, red wine, ache case extracts and citrus abstract bioflavonoids, all begin to be almighty antioxidants. Isotonix OPC-3 contains the alone isotonic anatomy of Pycnogenol in the world.


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