Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Diabetes Control and control of your life

Diabetes is something you can control when it is busy. More and more people every day, diabetes, and if you watch your diet and continue the exercise, you can make a difference. Note that all diabetics have different needs.

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow, and this will help you manage your diabetes. In any event, a conversation with your doctor to talk about things you can do. Never rely solely on the condition of diabetes, but we also know that the control of diabetes will help control heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, gum disease and other conditions.

The first thing you need to assemble your information. It is important that the type of diabetes you have. You should know if you have diabetes type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Things you need to do to distinguish between different types.

Diabetes is serious, do not underestimate. The good thing is that it can be handled with due care, you can live a hard life. But if you have no control over her life, has serious adverse effects of diabetes.

Keep regular doctor visits. Be sure to keep an open mind, how often you need exams. Note: The concerns and questions, and ask for check-ups. If something goes wrong, you feel different, make sure that the questions on the nature, as soon as possible with your doctor.

Monitor glucose levels in the blood. If you rely on your memory, you try, they'll forget. Keep a record is to maintain the changes really do much to determine whether there are trends to come. Identify problems early, before the progress of the main problems.

It is open for your illness. There is no reason to hide from their friends and family. It is your support team. It will help if you have a hard time being. You are there for you.

Always remember, you have to make your health a priority. Compatible with your medications and monitor any changes in their symptoms.
Each of these measures will keep things under control.

Please do not forget sports. This will help the work of insulin to convert glucose into energy. As always, food is vital. Remember that weight gain is easy to diabetes, so keep your diet under control.

If relevant, is a simple thing to remember the ABC. A1C (average blood sugar), blood pressure, cholesterol, and you. All these factors may, from weight control, traffic control, and your medication. The last thing I remember to get their levels of blood sugar regularly to ensure they do not get out of control.


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