Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why can not we ever hear about low blood pressure

Ask anyone with high blood pressure, and is likely to be a lively debate about cholesterol, stroke, received beta-blockers, and the like. Some start comparing numbers and sigh that they wish their IQ was as high as their blood pressure. But why is that never seems to hear about low blood pressure and health problems exist with this situation and is almost as important as the obvious problems with high blood pressure?

Having low blood pressure may not be as dangerous as high blood pressure, but there are still some serious concerns for people with this condition. Often experience severe dizziness and lightheadedness, especially upon standing suddenly. You can also chronic fainting. The lack of adequate blood flow can also cause nausea and cold or clammy skin, fatigue and difficulty concentrating and solving problems. While this may not exactly life threatening, people with low blood pressure know the risks of disability in troubled times, and also may be depressed because of their condition and suffer from fatigue that goes with it.

It is believed that most cases of low blood pressure are more genetic than anything else, but doctors agree that these days common blood pressure is 120 over 80 on the high side. Having low blood pressure is always the ideal, if readings are steady around 115 over 75. Athletes and those who exercise regularly seem to have information about these numbers. Most doctors agree that if the symptoms are interfering with life, there is no reason to make changes to address this problem.

At the same time, low blood pressure affects each person differently. Someone with poor circulation and anemia or an eating disorder can be at extreme risk for starving their heart and vital organs and, of course, if you have constant fainting spells, you can do with his career, which affect the preparation for daily work, family life, and of course, your overall health. The body is not natural that I wanted. And make sure before you faint and injure yourself and only medical treatment requires attention. Some with low blood pressure may experience symptoms such as panic attacks and agoraphobia, as they have become so want to go, not help, or simply to ask, when will the next attack.
Depression can be caused by interference with their lives.

If your doctor has told you have low blood pressure and have these symptoms regularly and that interference with the quality of your life is about time. He or she can lifestyle changes such as salt and water is increasingly being recommended, or may be able to determine, in extreme cases, medication. Although they are low blood pressure can be as life-threatening symptoms such as high blood pressure should still be able, your life, enjoy without worrying about following his conscience, or break the race you.


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