Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to know Symptoms of diabetes

Most people with little or no noticeable symptoms of diabetes, and tend to be shocked when the high sugar levels detected in blood or urine routine.

Present in most people with diabetes two typical symptoms are frequent urination and increased thirst development.

A patient with diabetes to import large quantities of urine several times a day. It is frequent need to urinate during the night. When glucose, the body can not enter the cell, which accumulates in the blood and starts, in the urine. Diabetics are more prone to excessive urination because the glucose in the urine, with running water than normal.

The loss of water generated by the frequent urination, excessive thirst. A patient with diabetes and often oppressive thirst large amounts of water frequently.

Weight loss continues despite the ingestion of large and frequent meals is another symptom of the disease. The body is starved for energy, glucose does not enter the cells. In a desperate attempt to get energy, use the cells to die from hunger, fat and protein. This leads to weight loss.

Diabetic tired quickly, even the slightest effort. Also, I feel a little out of breath. The blood sugar does not come into cells where they are converted into energy. This reduces the strength and resistance levels.

Inertia and lethargy occur in people with diabetes. To avoid working and are often poor. Not only there, body fluids show this state of depression.


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