Thursday, November 26, 2009

What causes diabetes and there is something you can do?

Diabetes is the inability of the body to deal with a lot of sugar before the discovery of insulin, the prognosis is not good for diabetics, and most are dead within two or three years.

Diabetes is rarely a single cause is usually caused by several things. For some people, the pancreas, insulin is not effective and the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. For some people, the pancreas works perfectly, but the body can not handle sugar and sugar in their blood is Spike even if they have not eaten yet.

The pancreas contains enzyme producing cells secreting two important hormones, insulin and glucagon. Should be discharged directly into the bloodstream and regulate the level of glucose in the blood. Insulin lowers blood glucose in the blood and then increases the amount of carbohydrates stored in the liver.
Glucagon regulate levels of blood sugar slowly, they are weak.

When we eat, increases in blood sugar, of course, if you are diabetic, this is a normal part of digestion. Here, the sugar the body produces insulin, which breaks down sugar. If ordinary people are forced to eat a diet that is converted into sugar, colas and other soft drinks are found high cakes, biscuits and sweets, body, suspension of sugar and it needs to produce more insulin to achieve.

When this happens sometimes, the body can not be done, but when more insulin is on a daily basis, the body becomes resistant to insulin and not use it to reduce sugar and keep the blood sugar rise. Finally, in many cases, the result of diabetes.

Since wheat flour and fresh raw vegetables and fruits, are lower than other sugars in processed foods, is the first line of defense in preventing and controlling diabetes. Many people manage to control diabetes with diet alone.

Another function of the pancreas is the distribution of the liquid in the form of water in the body. If the pancreas is forced to ration water because we were able to drink enough water, automatically reduces the production of insulin by-product water. Ordinary people and diabetics require at least six glasses of water a day to prevent the occurrence of diabetes or diabetes control.

After eating, the nutrients in food, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins into smaller molecules, broken down by the digestive system. The nutrients must be in the form of small molecules to enter the bloodstream, which transports them into the cells of energy should be used to obtain bodily functions.
One of these nutrients is a simple sugar, increases the concentration of glucose, glucose, the pancreas releases insulin.

Insulin is more like a portal that can enter cells, glucose has the facilities, but are hindered by a membrane that protects insulin allows the connection open and returns energy in the muscle form of glucose.

Insulin resistance is when cells respond to insulin to stop what it means, no longer operates as a gateway, sugar has circulated in the muscle, remains in the bloodstream.

However, the pancreas is aware that cells are always on the production of glucose, insulin and glucose levels are even higher. Once the cells resistant to insulin, blood sugar will go.

Finally, the pancreas packages under pressure, and in many cases, is the leading cause of diabetes. Levels of blood sugar goes, and the excess glucose has two effects. The first is that the degree of fatigue, because the cells and muscles to grow, lack of energy and, secondly, the level of blood sugar in the kidneys, eyes, heart and nerve endings around. If left untreated leads to kidney failure and death.


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